Raleigh Farmers Market

Today, we woke up and wanted to explore our new city.  While we’ve ventured out to do some shopping and see some movies, we haven’t seen much of the actual city of Raleigh and today was the day.  It’s been a rainy and weird weekend weather wise, but we ventured out into the gray skies and made our way to the Raleigh Farmers Market.

First of all, I was interested to learn that the market is one of the top eight in the country, so I was extra excited to see what was in store for us.  Unfortunately, when we arrived, half of the market was shut down for renovations, so we got to experience a smaller scale, but it was still cool.  Because I’m a moron, I didn’t prep our grocery list before going, but we did leave with some yellow onion, sweet potatoes and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  :)

So, for a brief review, I would say this:

  • For not being a “Farmers Market kind of girl,” I enjoyed our little trip
  • The market was easy to navigate and not too crowded which was good
  • The selection was good and I liked the idea behind buying local food
  • Since we only saw half of the market space while the other half is under renovation, I’m looking forward to seeing the market in it’s full state once renovations are complete
  • I’m looking forward to going back  :)

Another fun thing on the site of the farmers market was a full restaurant.  We had lunch and though it was typical southern fare that wasn’t exactly healthy, it was good and fun to eat right in the middle of the market.  Fun times, I’m glad we went.



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