Otherwise Known As Heaven in Your Mouth

You guys!  Remember when I was the domestic girl who cooked every night and planned a menu every week?  Remember when I was learning all sorts of new recipes and getting creative in the kitchen?   Remember those days?

Right!?!  So, those days are back!!  We finally went grocery shopping (two weeks after moving in, OMG we are laaaaazy we have been so busy) and have a fully stocked fridge with an entire week of dinner all planned out.  Cue the applause, the domestic gal (and the sous chef huzby) is back!

Anyway, we kicked off cooking in our North Carolina apartment for the first time with a bang.  I mean, like, dinner was so good I wanted to just eat straight out of the pot in which it was cooked.    Also, it was pretty easy to make.  Then again, when you have a Kitchen-Aid mini chopper, everything in life is easier.  Promise.

BEHOLD!!  Chicken Enchillada Pasta!

A little bit of onion...

...some red bell pepper.

Chicken, green chilies, red enchillada sauce, cumin, chili powder, and garlic!

Add in the bad stuff...sour cream + shredded cheese! We used skim versions of both for a less guilty feeling. :)

Mix everything with some whole wheat penne pasta and you've got a bowl of yummmmmaaaaaaayyyyy.

You may find the amazingness that is the recipe here.  And yes, I did find that recipe on Pinterest, but I actually clicked on the picture and ended up at the source, so don’t sue me.  K, thanks.




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