Spring Color

So, one of the best perks of the new job (it’s going amazing, by the way) is that you can wear basically anything to work.  The whole idea is that they want their employees to be comfortable, so whatever goes.  It’s so funny to see girls running around in cute flats as opposed to strutting around in high heels.  :)  I see people in jeans and t-shirts, shorts and flip flops, but I think I’m more comfortable wearing dress pants a few days a week and then mixing it up with jeans and a cute top the rest of the time.

I made my way to Old Navy for their 30% off sale and stocked up on some cute stuff to wear on the days I wear jeans.  I went with pops of color since Spring is just around the corner, and I love it.



3 thoughts on “Spring Color

  1. Everything you bought is just adorable. That is so awesome and rare to get to wear whatever you want to work…flip flops even!! I, of course, wear slippers so I win….errrr….nevermind….I don’t make as much money as you do.

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