Viva La Raleigh!

So, we’re moving.  In 10 days, actually.  I’m going to try to spare you the boring details, but we’re pretty psyched about the move in general.  When we bought our house in the DC metro area a year ago, we didn’t think we’d be moving for at least five years, but guess what, life happens, and sometimes we’re presented with really epic opportunities that we’d be insane to turn down, so guess what?!  We’re freaking moving and its fabulous and exciting!

Our little innocent trip to Raleigh for a hockey game quickly spiraled into a new outlook on life, and we flirted with the idea of living in place with a slower pace of life, less traffic and higher quality of living.  DC is a great place, honestly, it is, but it’s also a hard place to live (especially if you’re not tied to a government job).

Long story short, life is happening fast.  Our flirtation turned into a very real reality when I was offered basically the opportunity of a lifetime, and now we’re on the verge of peacing out.  Was it an easy decision to make?  Not really.  Things happened so quickly that we literally had to make lists and spreadsheets and flow charts and pie graphs  (just kidding about those last two things) to figure out the best decision for us.  Ultimately it came down to an amazing chance for me professionally, a better cost of living, less traffic and the option to build a new and exciting new chapter in our lives.

I’m so excited to share this with Chris.  I’ve lived in Raleigh before, but Chris hasn’t, so it will definitely be an experience for a DC kid like him.  So far, he’s had nothing but good impressions of the city and people, so that makes me happy.  :)  I think it’s going to be great fun getting to know the city together and exploring a new place in our new marriage.

We’ve received so much support and encouragement since we decided to move, too.  It’s so nice to hear people really encourage us to do what’s right for us, even if it means they’re sad to see us go.  When we tell friends, family, coworkers, their response is generally “I’ve heard great things!” or “Ohhhh, I love it there!” or “I wish I could move down there!” or “That’s so exciting!!”   So awesome.  There’s just something so heart warming about hearing the great things that people have to say in support of us.   To be given the opportunity we’ve been given is rare and it’s awesome to get this kind of chance.

The only drawback to this entire thing is that we’ll be four hours from our family.  But, the good thing is that we’ll only be four hours from our family!  It’s such an easy drive both ways, so I’m grateful.

We’re excited, you guys.   This is big, and a gamble, and a lot of other adjectives…I’m so grateful to have Chris by my side as we embark on this new adventure, together.


6 thoughts on “Viva La Raleigh!

  1. awesome. awesome. awesome.

    Ive moved to four different states with my husband and its such a growing experience to explore something completely new. You’ll enjoy it and I freakin LOVE the south. GO COCKS!

  2. As I said before, I think you guys are really brave to take this leap. Better now when you aren’t tied down with kids and schools. I will miss you both so much BUT I envision lots of trips down for us and up for you all (I mean y’all.) I can’t believe I might actually have grandchildren some day with a NC accent. Lord help me!! ;)

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