Cheesy Chicken Rice Bake

Last night was one of the easiest dinners ever, and it was delicious!  I love it when that happens.  :)

We had a Cheesy Chicken Rice Bake (sounds really bad for you, but wait til you check out the recipe and see there’s nothing too terrible involved!) and we both really loved it.

Pros:  Easy to make, tasty, and we had enough for leftovers!

Cons:  It needed some more “punch.”  I didn’t use all of the chilies it called for because I feared making it too spicy, but leaving it out made it kind of dull.  Next time I make it I’ll definitely add all of the chilies as well as more salsa.

You can find the recipe here.

And for you visual folks….

Step One: Mix everything together

Step 2: Toss in a baking pan and top with shredded cheese.


Step 3: Enjoy the yumminess!



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