Cajun Chicken Alfredo – Skinny Style

I never thought in a million years that I’d be able to find a “skinny” version of one of my favorite dishes, but it happened!  Tonight, we tackled a “healthier” version of chicken alfredo and it came out fantastic.  The keys to making it healthier were losing the heavy cream, less cheese, using whole wheat pasta, and adding a ton of spices and seasoning to really amp up the flavor.   Not only was dinner delicious, but it didn’t take forever to prep and make, either!  This recipe is definitely going into our favorites.  Mission accomplished.

Cajun seasoning on the chicken!

Simmering chicken, sun-dried tomatos and spices.

Add in some whole wheat pasta... it off with some parsely, and you've got dinner!

The thing I love most about this dish is that it weighs in at a ridiculously low 391 calories per serving.  I had about a cup (one serving) and was completely satisfied, so it’s definitely filling without being crazy fattening.  You can find the recipe here!

Last night, Chris noticed a recipe on my friend Kirsten’s blog for a mango-pineapple smoothie, so while he was working today (I had the day off since it’s MLK day), I ran to the store to get the ingredients to surprise him when he got home.  Again, something super easy to make and it was tasty.  I think I need to find a better balance of the amount of protein powder that I should toss in because it definitely had that taste lingering, or maybe I should have blended it longer and am just getting used to my new blender.  I think next time I’ll use a little less protein powder (especially since it’s just a snack, not a full breakfast) and we’ll see how that goes.  Either way, I’m eager to make more smoothies now that we actually have a blender (hint, hint, Kirs)!  You can find the yummy mango-pineapple smoothie recipe here!

All ready to be smoothied!

Tastiness in a glass!

Happy Monday!


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