Spicy Carnitas

Have I mentioned I love my crock pot?!  I love nothing more than throwing dinner together in the morning and having most everything ready to go by dinnertime.  It’s my new favorite.  :)

Today, I made Slow Cooked Carnitas and it was delicious.  We got creative in our eating and used some kid sized flat breads in lieu of tortillas, since they were only 50 calories per flatbread as opposed to 100+ for a tortilla.  I followed this recipe exactly, except I used pork chops that we already had in the freezer, but I cut them from the bone and trimmed the fat before tossing them in the crock pot.  The recipe called for a lot of spices I wasn’t familiar with (adobo, chipotle peppers IN adobo), but I figured it would be really good, and it was.  However,  I will say it was pretty spicy.  It’s a hard to describe version of spicy, though.  It wasn’t so spicy that it wasn’t edible, and it wasn’t the kind of spicy that made your eyes water and clear your sinuses out.  Maybe it was just realllllllly flavorful and more of an explosion of spices.  Either way, the pork just fell apart nicely and we topped it with some low cal cheddar cheese and added a spinach salad with cucumber, carrots, fat-free feta and shaved almonds on the side.  It was a very satisfying meal that I’d probably make again, I’d just have to figure out how to lessen the kick.   The calorie count was great with only 236 per flatbread which isn’t bad (I had two and was full).   You can find the recipe here!

Carnitas flatbread tacos + spinach salad


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