Organized Saturday

Our Saturday turned into a little day of organization!  This morning, we found ourselves facing a disaster of a pantry and decided to pull everything out and reorganize.  I have been bitching and moaning for months about how my spices and baking crap constantly fall over on the wire shelves, and we finally decided to do something about it.  After we pulled everything out of the ridiculously small space, we threw out about 3/4 of it, kept some, and then made our way to Home Depot in hopes of finding something to help us get better organized.

We got some little wire shelf thingys to hang on the back of the pantry door and they make the biggest difference EVER.  Chris hung them in a matter of minutes and once I got all of my spices and baking stuff put away, I felt relief.  I could actually find stuff instead of blindly grabbing from the top shelf of the pantry and hoping for the best.  I love it!

Isn’t it funny how some of the smallest things can make the biggest difference?

Oh, another little bit of organizing that we did today involved more crap from the pantry that we could actually store on the counter!  The half empty bag of flour and sugar and the oversized container of creamer took up a ton of space in the pantry, so we got some canisters to keep on the counter which looks nice, but also saves room.  Again, small fix making a big difference!

The rest of our afternoon was spent watching Moneyball (I actually did not like it – it was slow, and not nearly as interesting as I wanted it to be) and eventually pulling dinner together.  Dinner was delish tonight – recipe and recap coming soon!


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