Recipe Review

Last night I made chicken with peanut sauce (the light version) and thought it was worth sharing.  It was fairly easy even though there were four different components (sauce, noodles, chicken, veggies) happening at one time.

I got an awesome kitchen aid chopper thing for my upcoming birthday which is my new BFF, so I used that to shred and chop up carrots, brocoli and cucumber to add to the meal which was good for me since I’m a weirdo about texture.  Couldn’t even taste the brocoli!

My only complaint was that I did NOT like the rice noodles.  They were too thin and mushy.  If I made this again, I’d make it with whole wheat spaghetti or linguini noodles instead of the thin rice noodles (or maybe the answer is to find a thicker rice noodle?)  The flavor was good – the consistency was just weird.

You can find the recipe here – it’s worth a shot if you like peanut sauce but want a “skinnier” version!


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