Christmas Wrap-Up

We’ve had quite the few busy days this weekend, but we had a great Christmas, so I can’t complain!

We kicked off the holiday weekend by going to my parents house on Christmas Eve to exchange gifts and hang out.  We ordered pizza, watched 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic, and eventually got around to opening stuff.

Dad playing Santa!

Christmas pajamas!

After we left my parents house, we headed home for bed, but, I was able to convince Chris to open the rest of our gifts at the house that night.  My family and I began opening gifts on Christmas eve sometime after I graduated from high school, but Chris has always stuck to Christmas day.  It was fun to come home and tear into everything, but I’m not sure Chris is convinced we’ll keep the Christmas Eve tradition of opening gifts alive.  It was fun this year, but we’ll see what happens in future years.  A few snapshots of Christmas at our house:

I love how Chris addresses packages. Haha.


Chris' clue that he was getting a mini kegerator.

On Christmas day, we slept in (if you consider 8am sleeping in), got up, made cinnamon rolls, and just vegged.  We headed over to my parents house around 3pm and had a delicious Christmas dinner with some of my extended family, as well as Linds/Kev and Kev’s parents.  We ate, played games and called it a night – it was really relaxed, low key, and fun.  I totally didn’t take any good pictures, but I promise it was fun.

My Christmas gifts looked like this this year – Huzby and family did a great job!

1. Moroccan Toms 2. Kiehls Clay Face Wash 3. Fit Bit 4. Custom Chevron Stationary 5. Christmas Tree Pandora Charm 6. Japanese Cherry Blossom Set

7. Kiehls SPF 15 Face Lotion 8. Crate and Barrel Lamps 9. Paper Plane Necklace 10. Garnet Pandora Charm 11. Target Gift Card 12. Woven Natural Stripe Toms

13. Canon Elph Camera 14. Michael Kors Watch 15. Jewelry Armoire

Happy, happy holidays!!!


5 thoughts on “Christmas Wrap-Up

  1. Wow…that was a good Christmas for you. But the best for me was just spending time with you and my son-in-law and of course your Dad. Well, that and the wedding album….and um, the Keurig machine. :)

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