Weekend Redux

Gahhhh, why must weekends go by so fast?!   Time flies when you’re having fun!

Our plans for this weekend were to get up on Saturday and head up to Maryland to visit our friends for the weekend, but we got a little delayed when we woke up to Hunter hopping around the house on three legs.  He had a slight limp on Friday which we atributed to hard fetching the night before, but on Saturday, he was hobbling around, had trouble going up the stairs and just didn’t seem too comfortable.  Luckily, we were able to get him into the vet within the hour and our doc determined he had some major swelling and bruising on one of his toes (they shaved just one toe to see better) which could be due to a sprain or broken toe.  They don’t cast dogs for a broken toe, so the treatment would be the same for either injury, so in the end, we were sent home with some pain meds and antibiotics in case it was scratched deep down inside.  By the time we had Hunter comfortable and settled, we confirmed the pain medicine regimine with our housesitters and hit the road.

We hauled it up to Bel Air, MD to visit Chris’ BFF, Tim and his wife Christine who recently had their first baby and were super excited for a relaxing evening of catching up and baby watching .  They had baby James last Wednesday, so when we arrived, he was a gorgeous 10 days old.  Tim and Christine are just beaming parents and are so cute with him.  I can’t get over how tiny he is, and I loved seeing just how in love with him Tim and Christine are.  He’s so presh.

So cute.

Christine and James.

Uncle Chris balancing James. Hehe.

Tim and Christine's first outing with James. :)

We spent the morning hanging out before we packed up around 11 and hit the road to head home.  But, we made a slight pit stop on the way home and made a purchase Chris has been waiting for – a new TV!  We didn’t plan on buying a TV today, but we found a deal that literally was too hard to walk away from.  We got an awesome 50-inch LG Plasma TV for 20% off and no tax which came out to less than any of the advertised deals we had seen for Black Friday, so we were ecstatic with our good luck.  It’s now sitting pretty in the man cave and I have a really happy huzby.  :)

I’m so glad it’s a 3-day work week!  Having a three day weekend will be so great, especially since we plan on spending the time doing some major catching up on our relaxing time!  I’m thinking a movie marathon just might be in order.  :)


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