Mid-Day Awesomeness

Last week, I discovered the best middle of the workday idea ever:  LUNCH HOUR MANICURE!  Lucky for me, there is a shopping center directly across from my office with a nail place that does $15 manicures!  So, with knowing I needed to get out of the office for a well deserved break today, I popped into the nail shop and walked out with some festive fall color on my newly manicured fingers!

It’s flippin’ cold here in Virginia and of course I chose two days ago to drop off my coat at the cleaners, so in my frigid state of walking back to the car, I thought that hot Pho soup would be amazing for lunch.  There’s a place right around the corner, so I hightailed it over there to get something to warm me up and go back to the office.

Now in theory, this was a good idea.  But, in reality (especially for those familiar with Pho), this was a disaster waiting to happen.  I got back to my desk and quickly realized I didn’t have anything that would make Pho easy at my desk.  Blah.  I had to mix it up (yeah, I spilled) and ultimately ate out of a paper coffee cup because I definitely didn’t have a bowl.  Yup, disaster, but, it was tasty!

Disassembled Pho, mixed pho and pho in a coffee cup.

Today is a great day.  Fall is in the air (even if I don’t have my coat), and our new kitchen table is being delivered today.  Yippeeeeeee!!!!!!!


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