Random Thoughts

I haven’t blogged since we’ve been back from the honeymoon, so I have just a few random thoughts to share tonight:

1.  Watch the Foo Fighters documentary, “Back and Forth.”  Even if you’re not a big fan, it’s awesomely entertaining and worth two hours on the couch.  Promise!

2.  Hunter is getting a “Thundershirt,” and I CAN’T WAIT!!!  It’s gotten good reviews for helping dogs with hyperactivity or just anxiety in general and me thinks it’s going to help with his jumping and excitement, especially when we have visitors over.  Don’t get me wrong – Hunter is fantastic, just a little hyper, and lately, he seems to have some separation anxiety.   We laugh and giggle when he gets hyper and paces the house and we shout “thundershirt” which he perks up to, making it all the more funny.  It’s supposed to arrive this week and we can’t wait to see how it goes!

3.  My kindle broke while we were on our honeymoon and when I called amazon about it, they replaced it for FREEEEEEEEEE!!!  I have nothing but awesome things to say about amazon after they stood by their product and offered such amazing customer service.  What a treat. 

4.  We have a new  furniture headed our way this week!  A dining room table and chairs!  I am so beyond excited about this that I can hardly contain myself.  This was the first piece of furniture that we’ve picked out together and it was so easy.  :)  I love that it’s classic but a little unique with using chairs and a bench for seating.  I think the white is going to look really great against our pretty blue walls.  It’s being delivered on Thursday and we are psyched!

5.  I LOVE being a wife!  And I LOVE having a husband!  I’ve referred to Chris as my husband a handful of times now, and I just beam with joy each time — it’s THAT fantastic.  :)


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