Today was major because…I changed my name

Yep, I hauled myself down to the social security office during my lunch hour and prepared myself for a nightmare process, but it actually went really smoothly!  So smoothly that I actually made it there and back to my office within an hour.  Impressive, eh?  I was nervous when I walked into the office and there were a zillion people in the smelly waiting room, but it turns out, if you’re doing a simple name change, it’s a lot faster than taking tests and proving your citizenship.  I just had to provide our marriage certificate and my drivers license, the clerk had to enter my information into the computer and it was a done deal. 

Whoo hoo!

My next stop was the DMV where I went this afternoon with my official social security paperwork.  I left work an hour early to get to my local office before they closed at 5 and I successfully updated my name and car registration.  :)  The DMV was crazy quick (I literally didn’t even sit down before they called my number), so this entire process has exceeded my expectations.  I definitely thought it would be a miserable and painful experience but it was easy breezy.

It’s weird, signing all of the papers with my new name today.  My signature is a giant disaster and it looks like a kindergardener signed it, but I’ll perfect it eventually and it’s mine and I love it.


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