Honeymoon: Day Five

Wednesday was another completely relaxing and gorgeous day. We spent the morning by the pool and hotel beach, enjoying the sun and gorgeous view for a few hours. We made our way from the chairs on the side of the pool, to chairs IN the pool, and eventually to the cabana beds by the pool. Choices, choices! We had drinks and lunch poolside, and after about 3 hours were zapped from the sun and heat and made our way back to the room. Then we promptly fell asleep for another 3 hours. Whoopsie!

Cabana life.

Dinner was going to be in what we called “Dutch Wonderland” (giant Dutch neighborhood nearby), so we got ready and headed over to a place called Zest. We watched the sun set and then grabbed a table on the beach and enjoyed an awesome meal. We started with an amuse of tuna puree, followed by a starter of a duo of shrimp, and for our entrees, Chris had duck for the first time, and I had delicious veal. We’ve finally gotten used to the leisurely pace down here, so when dinner took two hours, we weren’t surprised and really enjoyed the view, talking and people watching.

One downside in the past few days is that I’ve been eaten alive by radioactive mosquitos. I have at least two dozen giant bites on my legs which have now turned into large welts. I can’t even begin to explain the itchiness discomfort. I found some bug bite medicine from Belgium and it’s kind of doing the job, but the red welts all over my calves and ankles are NOT hot.


Thursday, we’re heading out on a snorkeling trip for half of the day! I’m looking forward to it because we’ll take a boat to a few good spots which should be good. When we snorkeled off the beach the other day it was awesome, so I’m super psyched to see how awesome it will be to actually be taken to snorkel specific places! More later!


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