Honeymoon: Day Two

How do you go on vacation and wake up at 6:00am for no reason?  HOW?

Our first night in Curacao was fantastic, I slept like a rock and woke up  bright and early at 6am this morning with nowhere to be.  I also woke up starving, but didn’t want to wake up Chris, so I tooled around on the computer for a while since we still had internet for a few more hours.  Chris actually woke up about 30 minutes after I did, so once he was awake, we headed downstairs to have breakfast.

Um.  The food just gets better and better at this place.  Choice after choice after choice!  Literally, even the juice selection at breakfast was filled with choices!  Grapefruit, cranberry, apple, pineapple, papaya, orange…So awesome.


After breakfast, we came back to our room to get ready to go to the beach/pool, but Chris took a little impromptu nap and there was a quick downpour, so I read and we delayed our little adventure by about an hour.

We made our way to the hotel beach and decided we’d rather hang at the pool.  The beach at our hotel is gorgeous, but there is a lot of coral, so it’s not exactly ideal for swimming.  However, going to the pool was an awesome decision because as soon as we sat down, we realized there was a server who would bring us anything we wanted.  Happiness!  We ordered Polar Beers, slathered on SPF 50 and jumped in the pool to escape the 90 degree heat.  Heaven.

Private beach at the hotel.

We swam around and cooled off and eventually ordered lunch poolside (fish tacos for him, chicken quesedillas for me) which was awesome.  After lunch, we put on more sunscreen, swam some more, and finally headed back to our room around 2pm.

Yummy lunch.

We decided to drive down to Willemstead to visit one of the casinos and have dinner but it was kind of a bust.  When we got to the casino, every single person was playing bingo.  It was almost dead silent and was just…weird.  So, we walked around, drank some beers and blue margaritas and ended up back at the casino when we knew bingo was over.  We played some slots, Chris won about $50 and the we were outta there.

We drove around the old town area to get our bearings for our adventures on Monday and we kind of made a plan, so I’m curious if we stick to that.  I think we’re going to get up, have breakfast, get ready and head downtown.  We’ll do a lot of picture taking, have lunch at the local market, walk around more, and do an early dinner at the oldest restaurant on the island (apparently all we do is eat).  Hopefully we’ll be back on property before dark – the roads are a little scary at night because they’re not well lit at all.

We did take a fun little detour after leaving old town and ended up in an affluent dutch community which was kind of cool.  We got a really cute Christmas ornament that says “kiss” in dutch and is in the shape of a heart and says Curacao on it.  Love it.  There is also this really cool place called Zest which is right on the beach that has an infinity pool, DJ, and service.  You go to the host and instead of getting a table, you get chaise lounges right on the freaking beach.  We weren’t prepared to swim, but I have a feeling we’ll be back at some point this week.

When we finally got back to the hotel, we decided to take advantage of their nightly sushi in the great room and ordered some California Rolls while we played checkers outside.  Relaxing way to end a fantastic day. 

I’m excited for tomorrow.  Walking around the old town of the island and mingling with the locals should be a fun experience and I’m really hoping to take a ton of good pictures and see some good stuff.


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