Honeymoon: Day Three

Today we ventured out of the resort and headed into downtown Willemstad for the day.

Happy girl.

After a delicious breakfast on the terrace, we got ready, jumped into our rental car, and navigated to the center of the city.  Thank god Chris has a good natural sense of direction.  The roads here are crazy (as in, zero street signs, narrow lanes, goats and chickens crossing the street) and I would be a disaster trying to get anywhere.

We arrived safe and sound downtown and were going to walk across the pedestrian bridge, but a giant oil tanker was making its way through so the bridge was moved (it floats, pretty neat), so we boarded the free water taxi instead.

Water taxi fun.

We made our way around town and popped into some shops, including one jewelry store where Chris bought me a Pandora charm to remember our trip (a sun) which was really sweet.

We had lunch on the water which was terrible, honestly.  We both got burgers because most of the food was Dutch and we had no idea what it was (hello, language barrier).  Not sure if either of us had a worse burger in our lives (I even questioned if it was beef), but we did down some cold beers and Chris had a pineapple/coconut/blue curacao concoction which were delicious.

After walking around town, we made our way to a local casino to cool off from the extreme heat and seek refuge from an afternoon rain storm.

An hour later, we made our way to the car and decided to drive up to the northern part of the island to scout out the beach we want to visit tomorrow.  The island is small, but it takes a while to get anywhere because of the hilly, one lane roads.  We drove around checking out the scenery for about two hours, found our beach, and then headed back downtown for dinner.  We were super excited for this dinner but it was a disaster.

We’ve tried really hard to engage in “island time,” but oh my god….dinner was a nightmare.  We waited for about 10 minutes before we ever even got service, our food took an entire hour to arrive (we were the ONLY table in the restaurant) and our waitress kept disappearing.  Oh, and I got eaten alive by mosquitos since we ate outside.  Chris was still eating when I stood up to get away from the mosquitos and pay the check – we’ve never run out of a restaurant so fast.  Chris loved his spare ribs though, so it was worth it since my huzby was happy.


When we got back to the hotel, we took advantage of the post-rain evening and enjoyed some cold beers on the balcony and played Uno for a while.  Great way to end a great day.

I’m looking forward to the beach tomorrow.  The beaches in Curacao aren’t long white beaches, they’re more hidden lagoon style beaches which you don’t really see unless you go look for them, so I’m hoping for a great day of fun in the sun.


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