Honeymoon: Day One

Our day started super early the morning after our wedding because our flight to Miami was at 7am.  We traveled from 7am to 2:30pm when we finally arrived in Curacao.  It was snowing when we left DC, so I looked like a complete moron in my Mrs. Goodman hoodie and was sweating before we even got off the plane.  Whoops, oversight! 

After waiting nervously for our luggage (my bag was MIA for about 15 minutes), we made our way through customs and to the rental car counter.  Everything was outside and it was sweltering and I was still in my hoodie.  We waited for 30 minutes (no kiosks) and got to the counter only to find out that they didn’t have my reservation.  It look a good five minutes to determine that we’d been standing in the wrong line all that time.  Uh oh, whoops.  Another 30 minutes later, we were on our way.

Huzby dealing with our luggage. :)

Our ride!

The island of Curacao is beautiful though a little run down like most Caribbean islands.  There are exactly zero street signs, but only one main street, so while it’s confusing, it’s nearly impossible to actually get lost.  We must have seen a dozen dogs running all over the place, people driving in the middle of the road, and even a rogue chicken.  I’m glad Chris is driving.

Once we got to the hotel, we were greeted with Blue Curacao Lemonade which was awesome.  The hotel even upgraded our room!  The room is amazing.  Everything you’d want in a resort…incredible view, beautiful décor and super comfortable. 

Amazing room.Gorgeous view!

After chatting with our bellman, he recommended dinner reservations at one of the restaurants on property, Shor.  We knew we were going to stay on property for the night, so we took him up on his recommendation and headed to dinner. 

Best idea ever.  The sun was on the verge of going behind the ocean and we had a stunning view right on the edge of the water.  Our server, Franklin, told us all about how he ended up in Curacao from the Phillipines (he had been fired from his job in China and moved all the way to Curacao just to have a job).  We drank local beer (Polar Beer from Venezuala – DEEEELISH!!!),  ate bubbling crab dip, and I enjoyed a delicious petite filet with cheddar grits (out of this world), while Chris had red snapper with mashed potatoes.  Honestly – one of the best meals of my life.

Pre Dinner.Beautiful sunset.Polar!