Honeymoon: Day Four

I think that we achieved the “perfect” Curacao day on Tuesday.

After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, we took the best beach recommendation from a few locals, and we headed to the northern part of the island to Cas Abou.

The thing about Curacao is that you would expect to see pristine beaches everywhere, but it’s different.  It’s hilly, so you have to really seek out beaches that are lower elevations in order to get that true beach experience.

Once we arrived at Cas Abou, we had to drive down a really windy, narrow dirt road that led us to the beautiful waters we had been seeking.

Crazy roads leading to the beach.


“I see clear water,” I yelled to Chris.


We parked and made our way to the white sand.  In a word, it was magical.  It was almost like a little lagoon…clear, turquoise water surrounded by cliffs on either side.  There weren’t many people there either, so it was calm and very relaxing.

We parked ourselves under a leafy umbrella, rented some snorkel equipment and headed into the water.  I’m a nervous swimmer in the ocean (apparently even in calm, clear water), so Chris grabbed my hand and we checked out the coral and fish below.

The day was spent swimming, snorkeling, reading, listening to the ipod, eating lunch and drinking daquris (banana for me, strawberry for Chris).  We left around 2:30pm for the hour drive back to the hotel and rested until it was time for dinner.


Chris really wanted to this place he had researched before we had even gotten on the island, so off we went.  It was an Argentine restaurant located near the hotel and when we walked in, I was amazed at the view.  It is on the side of a cliff and offers sweeping views of the water and the city below.  Really incredible, and we went at sunset which made it all the better.  Dinner was incredibly delicious and since we went early, we were the only people in the restaurant which made it almost like our own private dinner on a terrace.

Happy guy.

Oh, footnote:  While we spent the day in the sun, I used 50SPF sunscreen at least six times and I STILL got a little burned!

Today is Wednesday, and I’m currently outside on our balcony as I write this.  Chris is still sleeping (It’s only 7:30am afterall), and I’m watching crazy pelicans throw themselves into the water.  It’s the most bizarre thing.  They take off and circle the water, and then BAM, they kamikaze themselves straight into the water with a giant splash.  Over and over and over they do this and it’s hysterical.  Our first day at the hotel beach, one splashed about five feet from me and I nearly fell over.  Stupid birds.

Not sure what we’re doing today — maybe a lazy day at the hotel pool, or maybe we’ll go see if we can find something interesting to do off property.  Either way, I’m sure it will be great.


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