Wedding Week – Thank you Kirsten!

Dear Kirsten,

How lucky am I that we just so happened to end up in the same orientation class when we worked together for one of the largest hotel chains in the world?  I had been with the company just over a month, and you were literally on your first hour of the job.  Little did I know that exchanging emails with a promise to do lunch would turn into such a fun and amazing friendship.

This past year you’ve become such an incredible friend, and I am so grateful to have you not only in my life, but to share in the whole wedding experience with Chris and me! 

From dress shopping and looking at flowers to crafting and giving advice or listening (and everything in between) you have truly been there for me and have made me smile and laugh along the way.  Your enthusiasm and exictement has been so joyful and we’re just lucky, lucky, lucky to have you in our lives!

So thank you for all that you’ve done with our wedding and more importantly, in our friendship.  You are amazeballs and I love you to pieces!

Yep, I used the picture with the sunspot. I love it and the sunspot can suck it. :-)


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