Tick Tock

Two weeks from yesterday, we’ll be here:

Two weeks  from today, we’ll be here:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I love it when a plan comes together.  :)

Today was hectic but totally productive.  We had our last meeting with the reverend this morning, then I picked up my dress (!!!!!), and then I rushed to my hair appointment to get some highlights.  I finally got home around 4 and have been treating myself to an afternoon and evening of total relaxation.  We’ve been so busy that it’s been nice to just settle in on the couch and do a whole lot of nothing.  Tomorrow I have a few errands to run, but nothing major.  I can’t believe how quickly things are happening at this point.  We have to start getting our stuff for the ceremony and reception organized and ready to go as well as get our honeymoon stuff together.  I never realized how many logistics went into a wedding.  So much organization to do, but the hardest parts are already done and we should hopefully have smooth sailing from here on out. 

This weekend was beautiful and I’m hoping we can have two more weeks of this gorgeous weather to get through the wedding.  Fingers crossed!

Tick tock…it’s almost here!


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