Being Away

Being away from home is hard.  I’m not one of those people who could cut it out as a “road warrior.”  I miss my fiance, our animal planet, and my bed, and I’m only spending one night away!  Gahhhh.

This morning I was up bright and early to hit the road to Norfolk with my work team.  We do an annual team building exercise and this week is it!  We made great time and arrived at the office at 10:45 with some time to spare for a tour and some introductions before a quick lunch.  After lunch, we piled into the company trucks and made our way to the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia.  We went through a presentation of what the food bank does (I had no idea food banks offered so many programs to communities), took a tour of the facility (millions of pounds of food flies off the shelves within just a few weeks), and then started filling backpacks with a weeks worth of food for school aged children who might otherwise spend their weekends hungry.

It really felt like a productive day and that we did something that will make an impact on the community.


OrientationPackages for backpacks!

I’m all snuggled up in the hotel for the night and am looking forward to a good night of sleep tonight.  Tomorrow we have more team building and won’t depart the area until about 7pm, so I won’t get home until close to midnight.  The FUN part, is that I’ll get back to the area just as Lindsey arrives for my bridal shower/bachelorette weekend!  The rest of the out of towners arrive on Friday and I’ll see everyone else on Saturday, so I’m super duper excited for a girly weekend to kick off the wedding stuff.  Hello, we’re getting married a month from TODAY! 



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