This weekend is all about being productive, and we’re off to a good start.

We completely cleaned out and organized our laundry/storage room, and then cleaned up the mancave.  I love having the laundry room being better organized – it makes doing laundry so much more pleasant.  It’s the little things in life I tell you.

After that, we moved to the main level of the house and killed the kitchen.  One of the things I was looking forward to most this weekend was cleaning out the pantry.  Ugh!  I hate the pantry and how disorganized it becomes so quickly.  We took everything out, put it on the island and started over.  Behold – a before and after:

See??  It’s the little things!

We still have a lot to do for the day which kind of sucks because I really want to relax.  But, with having a bunch of girls staying at the house next weekend, we have to keep on keeping on.  The rest of the day is just normal cleaning, with the exception of steam cleaning our family room.  We got a “high traffic steam cleaner” last night, and I’m really excited to use it.  The only other organizing on my list is to clean out the linen closet upstairs, otherwise, it’s just down and dirty cleaning.

One thing that’s making me really happy right now is candles that smell like fall!  I got a few pumpkin and cinnamon candles at Target last night and they’re making our house smell delicious.  I love this time of year!

By the way, when I was at Target getting the candles, I noticed the Yankee candles near the Target brand and I couldn’t get over the $15 price difference!  $25 for the same size candle that I got in the Target brand for a Yankee candle.  Can someone please explain this ridiculous difference?  It sees borderline absurd.


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