36 Days

I can’t believe we only have 36 days until we get married!  I am so glad we decided to do a short engagement.  This wedding stuff is no joke.  I’m so looking forward to the planning ending and starting our married life together.  Oh, and our honeymoon in Curacao is something to look forward to as well. 

This past weekend was filled with wedding stuff.  I had my first dress fitting which went great.  I’m one of those lucky girls who happens to be just the right height for dresses, so my alterations were limited to just the bustle.  Hooray!  We also had our engagement pictures (finally, after two delays!) and I can’t wait to get them  back!  We were up bright and early on Sunday morning to get the best light of the day and we made our way through DC to capture the city in our pictures.  We’ll hopefully have them back by the end of next week and I can’t wait to see.  It was a great experience, not just for the pictures, but to interact with our photographer before the wedding day, too!  Have I mentioned that I can’t wait to see the pictures?! 

Yesterday, we came home to a little envelope from the White House.  Yes, we invited President and Mrs. Obama to our wedding, but don’t worry, we didn’t actually think they’d attend.  We had read in a few places and also been told by Chris’ sister that we’d receive a note back which would make for a great keepsake.  We’ll frame the envelope and notecard eventually where it will likely hang with wedding pictures.  I think it’s such a cool thing and recommend to anyone getting married in the near future to send them an invite!

Time is really starting to speed up, and I can’t believe that this coming weekend is our last “free” weekend until the wedding.  My bridal shower & bachelorette brunch and Chris’ bachelor party are next weekend which I think will make everything 100 times MORE real.  I’m so excited to hang out with my girls and do girly things for the weekend. 

36 days and I’ll  be Natalie Goodman.  Happy, happy, happy.


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