Capital Excitement

It’s that time of year.  School is back in session, the weather is wavering between warm and cool, and the boys are back in town.

Hockey is thisclose to being back.

The Caps are stacked this year and I can’t wait for them to be back on the ice together as a team.  With the addition of Vokun in the net and the ridiculously awesome Roman Hamrlik to the defense,  this season is sure to be silly fantastic.  I can’t wait to see the new chemistry, the new pairings, the new…everything.  There’s going to be a different dynamic this year and I can already feel it.

I love that the boys are popping up around town, too.  From Ovi showing up at rookie camp to Brooks Laich video bombing our local rock radio show teaser, it’s great to see that they’re back.

I’m cautiously excited for what this season holds for the team and the fans.  I want to scream “Unleash the Fury” for no reason at all, but I’m keeping it in until it’s time.   I want to high-five Ted Leonsis and fist pump Nick Backstrom, Mike Knuble and Jeff Halpern in succession.    I can’t wait to see them on the ice.  I have a feeling it’s going to be an electrifying and entertaining experience.

Go Caps!

PS:  Caps are in the spotlight, as Hockey News has crowned them the team to beat for the 2012 Stanley Cup.


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