Warning:  Mushiness ahead.

It’s so easy to become really negative when bad or uncomfortable crap happens around you.  It seems like sometimes, shit hits the fan in multiple ways, forcing you to put on your helmet and push through to the other side.  I’ve found myself being in a negative place recently, but am ready to snap out of it and focus on the positive and what I can control.  I’m lucky, and I shouldn’t forget it.

Exhibit A:  I’m madly in love with a person who, come hell or high water, I want to spend the rest of my years with.  I want to have babies and grandbabies with this man, and grow as old as we possibly can together.  He loves me, he supports me, he makes me laugh and most importantly, he’s my best friend.

Exhbit B:  I have a job.  Not just a job, but a job that is developing into a career that I love and enjoy.  In today’s economy, I should be grateful to have such an opportunity, especially with such a great company.

Exhbit C:  We’re homeowners, surviving in a pretty tough place to own a home!  Our world isn’t tough due to crime, it’s tough because the cost of living in and around DC is so expensive.  We chose to make our life here, and we’re doing just that.

Exhbit D:  I have wonderful friends and family who are there for me when I need them the most.  I feel like so many people are there for me in different ways (especially over the course of wedding planning), and it’s awesome to experience.  Even beyond my best friends and immediate family, my extended family and Chris’ family have been nothing short of awesome in supporting me and us and sharing in life’s joyous moments.

Lucky, lucky, lucky, I am.


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