I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

Newsflash:  Earthquake on the east coast today.  Duh, you already knew that, unless you live under a rock of course.  I just wanted to share a few things from the day that come to mind:

1.  The east coast is not used to earthquakes.

2.  Residents of the east coast are not used to the feeling of an earthquake and get a “deer in the headlights” look when the building/earth begin to shake.

3.  Earthquakes are scary – especially when it sounds like the building you’re in is going to collapse because all you can hear is screeching metal as the building sways.

4.  Just because you’ve lived in another place in the world that has bigger and badder earthquakes doesn’t mean you can invalidate everyone elses nerves and/or fear.  It makes you an asshole.

I get it.  We had a relatively minor 5.8 earthquake that wasn’t exactly life shattering.  Shit fell over, people got scared, but life goes on.  Did I freeze when the building shook and creaked with noise?  Yes.  Did I make my way outside to an open parking lot with my coworkers when it intensified?  Yes.  Did I go back to my desk 20 minutes later and continue with my day?  Yes.

Today was a freak event for the east coast, just let us have our little moment to deal with it and move on.

Speaking of moving on:



3 thoughts on “I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

  1. It really wasn’t all that little. It was actually a pretty big one! No matter how many I’ve experienced in CA, only a handful (if that), they are still terrifying. It gets me every time, the earth is SO POWERFUL! The huge Northridge, CA earthquake of 1994, that everyone talks about out here, was a 6.7. So you guys got a biggie! Your nervous feelings and fear are completely justified. And “the asshole” has NO IDEA what you guys actually felt because, well he was allll the way in upstate NY! Just sayin. ;o) love you! XOXO Glad you guys are all OK and that all it did was scare you!!

  2. Ew, there were a lot of assholes around yesterday. On the news, in the parking lot, blah, blah, blah…it’s annoying when people think that just because they’re used to things, everyone else should be. :)

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