Just Your Random Thursday

We did our Wednesday workout last night and it was a new one.  This one involved a ten minute warmup (5 min elliptical + 5 min on treadmill at 8% incline, 2.9mph) and weight machines.  Chris had requested a more “manly workout” and it was delivered. 

We spent almost an hour doing weights and it was good.  I think Chris definitely felt more “manly” (whatever that means), so that is a win.  I’m a little sore today, so that’s a win, too!

Post workout, we went home and made dinner together.  Chris grilled some chicken while I broke out some multigrain wraps so we could make quesadillas!  I love flat-out wraps, and they really did a great job acting as a tortilla!

We paired the dillas with fresh salsa and some leftover spanish rice with chunks of tomato in it, and it was delish.

This also happened yesterday:

Thirsty cat!

Annnnnnnnnd, this happened about 14 years ago!


Nice form, Chris!

Tonight, we’re heading out to the wedding venue for our planning meeting and I’m really excited.  We get to do the fun stuff like go over table setup, flow of the ceremony + reception, pick out our linens and all of those little details.  I’m getting really sick of trekking two hours each way to get things done, but it will all be worth it come October.

Happy Thursday!


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