This week has been crap, but after an evening back at the gym, I feel a little more human again.  I’m amazed at how sweating out the crap in my head helps me feel like myself again and less like a possessed and crazy version of myself.

Earlier today, I was talking to Kirsten about our planned workout for tonight and she was not giving up details.  I thought since we’ve been working out with her on a fairly regular basis, I’d have some kind of grasp of what the workout would be like, but she was hell-bent on keep it a surprise.  I think her exact words were “surprises are better, right?”  She did tell me it was going to be a mix of cardio + strength and that the treadmill would be involved.  So, I was nervous when we got to the gym because she has had some pretty intense workouts and I was scared I was going to collapse.

However, she’s a great judge of ability and we flew through the workout in about an hour.  We started by doing 6 minutes on the treadmill at a 3mph pace and 10% incline.  I made it about 4 minutes on that before I dropped to 2.8mph and 9% incline (I now feel like a SNAIL), but I made it.

After the treadmill (now known as “that stupid machine or “TSM), we immediately jumped into strength.  She’d have us do an exercise, then jump back on the TSM for a minute to keep our heart rate up in between said exercise.  We did some push ups, squats with weights, lunges that I hated, kettle ball lifts, other things I can’t remember….  It was tiring but good.  I am always sweaty and feel “worked out” when she trains us, so it’s a good feeling.  Also a good feeling?  The workouts fly by!!  It’s the best!

Chris asked for some more “manly” workouts, so I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for our next session.  I hope her upcoming workout whoops his ass.

Once we finished up at the gym, we vegged on the couch for a little while and then made dinner.  Tonight was grilled chicken in a garlic marinade which we topped with a slice of low-fat pepperjack cheese and a few sliced of avocado.  Talk about a quick + delicious meal!  We had a side of mexican rice with it which was also good.  Definitely making that again.  So easy!

After dinner, we resumed relaxing, and Delilah used Chris as a bed and enjoyed some relaxation of her own.

I’m super looking forward to this weekend!  Friday, we’re going to look at our wedding rings (!!!!!) after work and then hopefully game night.  Saturday morning I have my hair + makeup trial which I’m really excited for and then Sunday, we’re having some friends and bridal party come over to help us with some of the small details that require a lot of effort.  Can you say assembly line?

Oh, and I must have had some extra karma to cash in because this morning when I was driving to work, I was completely spaced out and not paying attention to my speed and was pulled over for going 60mph in a 45mph zone.  Whoops.  I totally lost my shit (hello, other things on my mind), and the poor cop didn’t even make it to my car window before I was in full on hysterics (not normal, I don’t usually cry in public).  I’ve had at least three speeding tickets in my life, but they were all a long time ago and the cops never gave me a break, so I certainly didn’t expect one today.  I just gave him my license and cried like a baby (have I mentioned I had other stuff on my mind?) until he came back.  Anyway – the karma cashed in because he gave me a flat fine of $30 for “failing to obey a highway sign,” instead of hitting me with 15mph over the speed limit which would have resulted in points AND a big fine.  He even said he was sorry he had to give me a citation, but that going 15mph over couldn’t go without something.  Finally, a break, even if under those circumstances, it was still a break, and I am grateful.  The officer must have thought I was a complete lunatic because when he told me he was giving me a break, I cried again out of his niceness (other stuff still on my mind).   I seriously could not get my shit together.  I then thanked him profusely for his kindness, took my ticket and quietly thanked the karma gods for banking some of the good stuff I’ve done to cash in on a day like this.

I think things are looking up.



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