Home Headaches

What a weird day.  If I’ve learned anything from buying a house, it’s that there is always something going on or needing to be fixed.

We all remember our battle with the floors, and then our air conditioning breaking at the beginning of the summer.  Add to that a dozen other small things, and it’s been something every few weeks.  Home ownership is like a full time job I tell you!

This morning when we woke up, we made our way downstairs to the kitchen and when we flipped on the kitchen light, two of the fluorescent bulbs were burned out.  So after we scrambled our eggs and finished breakfast, Chris ran to Home Depot for new light bulbs.  When he got back, replaced the bulbs, and it still didn’t work, we realized we had a problem. We also knew we needed some help, so we enlisted my dad who was playing golf in the area to come check it out.

We had a few hours to kill before my dad could come over, so we decided to start working on assembling the wedding invitations.  I had a rough start (um, putting things on backwards, sideways and upside down…I suck at being crafty), but we made it.  Chris even sat and helped the entire time.  I’m seriously so lucky to have such an involved fiance.

When my dad came over, Chris and he immediately jumped in the car to go to Home Depot for parts.  Blah blah blah was broken and X, Y and Z needed to be replaced, so off they went.

While they were gone, I finished the invitations and even stamped every last one.

Once the guys got back to the house, they worked on the light for a good three hours.  They had to remove the broke stuff, pull pieces down, drill holes, add the new stuff, avoid getting electrocuted and test everything out.  They did an awesome job, though, and with the new light thingy, it doesn’t flicker when we turn it on anymore!  Also, Chris got a new cover for the fixture so it’s nice and bright instead of dingy and yellow.  Hooray!

Work in Progress

….Oh, but tell us how you really feel, Dad:

Once that unexpected little project was over, we had dinner, cleaned up and finally got around to cleaning out the excessive amount of beer we had in the fridge.  When we had our housewarming a while back, we ended up with a ton of leftover beer that we thought we’d drink gradually, but, we didn’t.  Today was the day that it all finally went down the drain and straight into the recycling bin.  So proud of our recycling efforts!

All that beer, down the drain.

Upcoming house excitement?  New sliding patio door!

On Tuesday, we came home to a completely shattered door, and after covering the glass with giant trash bags to hold the glass if it fell, we thought it was time to look at our new options.  So,  last night, we checked out new doors at Home Depot.  Did you know they make doors with mini blinds in them now?  No dust!!   We’re so excited to get these installed and have the hideous, broken one gone for good!

Hopefully that new and beautiful door will be installed next week!  Can’t wait!


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