Fun Fitness Friday

Fun Friday!  At the gym.

Kirsten came super prepared tonight with a plyometrics workout that kicked my ass.

We started with 10 minutes of cardio, but this time, she made us pick one machine we don’t use frequently.  We had to split our 10 minutes into two different machines, so I did five minutes on the stairmaster (kill me) and then finished my last five minutes on the treadmill.

We made our way into an auxiliary room which was cool because we had it all to ourselves and could really spread out.  Kirsten produced pieces of paper which she put on the floor around the room, each with two different exercises listed.  The goal was to perform the exercises for 45 seconds with 15 seconds of rest in between. Let me just say I’m going to be sore tomorrow, my arms are still shaky.

Hardest exercises for me?  The mountain climbers and the squats.  The rest were just challenging, but not difficult coordinate wise.  Overall it was really good.  On a few of the breaks I definitely needed more than 15 seconds to get it together, but A for effort.  We ended the session with some suicides carrying dumbbells and two sets of planks.  I was a hot and sweaty mess and it was awesome.

Oh, and remember my post the other day about recycling?  Kirs bought the large recycling bin we had our eye on, but it was too large for the space they wanted to use it.  Guess who has inherited said recycling bin?  Hooray!  Our recylcing efforts look much nicer with the white bin as opposed to the hideous blue bin.

2 thoughts on “Fun Fitness Friday

  1. Yes!!!! This is my favorite workout. It’s just like my bootcamp class with the stations and the mountain climbers and all that crap. I hate it when I am doing it but it is an awesome workout. Has she made you do burpees yet?? Cause I HATE those. HATE.

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