The big stuff for the wedding is done.  Done, done, done.  40 days of being engaged and we officially have 87% of the wedding complete.  I’m so in love with what we’ve created and I can’t wait to see it come to life on our wedding day.  It’s amazing to think that our imagination will literally come to life and I’m just so excited.

Tonight we met with our photographer which was our last “big” thing to cross off the list.  We got to Panera Bread a little early and Chris and I decided to split a piece of cinnamon cake & a carton of milk while we killed 20 minutes waiting.  Chris went to get some napkins and a guy waved at me from a few tables over.  I turned around to see who he was waving at, and there was nobody but me nearby.  He waved again and picked up his iPad and started walking over to me.  Our photographer was early, too.  Ha.  He scared the crap out of Chris by approaching him and calling him by his name so it was a funny way to start off the meeting.

We got along really well and spent an hour and a half talking, getting to know each other, going over styles, wants, must haves, timeline and other stuff you’d never think about until you’re in the moment.  The great thing is that we have similar style when it comes to the types of pictures we like, so I think it’s going to be a great match.  He is even throwing in an engagement session for free, so we’re ecstatic about that!

Now it’s on to the little details which will be time consuming, but much less stressful because there will be a lot less decision making involved.  Thank the lord.

Three more months.

One thought on “Relief

  1. I am so excited for you. I know that Chris is your best friend and that is just awesome. I can’t wait to toast to the rest of your lives together. Yay!!!!!

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