Newly Green

I have a confession:  I’m not the greenest person on earth.

Recycling and being “good” to the earth have never been a priority for me and I never really gave it a second thought.  Nothing about paying attention and recycling was interesting to me, so it was just easier to throw stuff straight into the trash.  Also, previously living in an apartment wasn’t so great for recycling efforts, so that didn’t help the cause.

When we bought our house and picked up our trash bin from town hall, we were presented with a bright blue bucket with the recycling symbol stamped all over it.  Chris was pumped and wanted to get on recycling, but with moving, numerous projects and life, the bin ended up in the bottom of our pantry covered with recyclable bags (ha, ironic!) and was forgotten about.

Chris recently pulled the bin out and it made it’s way into the backyard, but not quite into the house.  Last week, we were talking about it, and the next day when I got home from work, it was sitting in our kitchen, begging for contents.  Chris made spaghetti that night, and when I went to toss the cans of sauce into the trash, I stopped myself and looked at the bin.

“Oh, we can recycle these, Chris!” I said as I held up the can of sauce.

“Yup,” he replied.  “Lemme clean it up before you throw it in th”

Too late.

I eagerly threw the can into the bin before Chris could finish his sentence about cleaning up the bin.

Then, I spotted the diet soda that Chris had with dinner and threw those in the bin, too.

I felt like I was shooting basketballs and was making 3 pointers.  It was fun.

Still dirty, but at least the bin has friends!

I didn’t take a picture, but last night, I tossed in the milk jug and it felt so good.  I somehow feel like I’m getting  points for things I toss in the bin.

Today at work, I came across this sign and couldn’t believe it.  Insanity!

If that isn’t motivation to recycle more, then I don’t know what is.

I took my excitement a little further by doing some research on a more aesthetically pleasing recycling bin and I came across this little guy from Crate and Barrel.  While I love the blue bin staring at my from across the room, it’s hideous and needs to hang out in its home outside.  I can’t wait to use the Crate and Barrel bin!

Do you recycle?  What motivates you to recycle on a regular basis?  What tips do you have to encourage others to recycle?

4 thoughts on “Newly Green

  1. Yay for the great awakening! Lots of folks are getting into treating mamma earth with a little more respect… FUN! Unfortunately for me I just moved for a super earth conscious society to one that is very UN-earth-conscious… hahah. We dont have a recycle program at all in the Big Borg.

  2. I love it!! I always try to counter the fact I drive an earth killing SUV (although only .7 miles to work) by doing things like recycling, turning my air up (down?? whatever, warmer) during the day, annoying light bulbs, all that crap. I mean stuff. Hah.

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