Work Out til you Pass Out

Okay, so maybe the title of this blog is a slight exaggeration, but there were a few moments during tonight’s workout where I either felt like passing out or throwing up. 

My friend (and bridesmaid) Kirsten is one of the fittest and healthiest people I know, so I often ask her about her workout regiment, recipes, etc…  She is really passionate about living a healthy lifestyle to begin with, so picking her brain never feels like a chore.  She’s a really good resource for all things health related (and life stuff in general). 

A few weeks ago once the big wedding plans were done, Chris and I started talking about picking up where we left off a few months ago in regards to working out and eating better.  After we got engaged, we totally fell off the “be good to yourself” wagon with doing wedding crap 24/7 and not making ourselves a priority.  It’s so easy to lose sight of yourself when life gets in the way.  Nevertheless, we both agreed we want to get healthy, not just for the wedding, but for life.  We don’t have any strict goals as far as the wedding is concerned; just do our best in the next three months, and then continue with a healthy lifestyle post-wedding. 

I was talking to Kirsten about this one day and asked her for some helpful tips for workouts, especially when it comes to weights.  Cardio is easy, but weights can be tricky, especially for me because I haven’t done them in forever.  Chris did a lot of weight training in high school when he swam, but my tennis coach stuck with running, and other basics, so weights are pretty foreign to me.  I thought Kirsten could suggest some weights for us, but she took it a step further and offered to create a full workout.  Then, it went a step further and she said she’d actually come train with us.   If I could do cartwheels, I would.

On a whim today, we decided that tonight would be our first session.  I didn’t have much time to mentally prepare, but that meant I also didn’t have a lot of time to fret about failing, so that was good.

We met at the gym at 8pm and promptly got going.  Kirs had us do 5 minutes of cardio on one machine, and then jump on another machine for an additional 5 minutes.  I did the elliptical machine first and then jumped on the treadmill while Chris did the exact opposite.  Kirs checked out the equipment and then hopped on the treadmill for the last few minutes. 

To say I’m out of shape is an understatement.  But, you gotta start somewhere, right? 

After the 10 minutes of cardio, we made our way to the free weights, where I jokingly (not really) said “oh, we have to go over to the crowd of people lifting now?”  Kirsten replied with, “yep, to the crowd!”  I love her confidence – it helps so much.

We did a number of weights for our arms (I don’t remember the names, but  one sounded like a triceratops, so I shal call it the “dinosaur lift”  from now on), and then moved to squats.  I’m not gonna lie, the squats were my biggest challenge tonight.  First, it’s awkward.  Second, I carry my weight in front, so my body naturally falls forward (putting weight on my knees), so I have trouble with the positioning.   Goal #1 for me is to improve my squats (or do at least one correctly). 

After arms, and squats, we did the squats where you lean against the wall at a 90 degree angle for 30 seconds at a time.  I hated those in high school and I still hate them, but I felt the burn, so that’s good.

After burning our legs up, we went in to do planks (flashbacks to hell!!), where I was super impressed with Chris’ form and technique.  He hadn’t done planks before but he did a really great job.  I even took a picture when I took a break while he was out doing me.

After planks, we had to do those god awful things where you lay on your back, hold your partners ankles, and kick your legs up so they can push them down.  God awful.   Then, we threw the medicine ball.   Then, push ups.  Then, I thought I was going to throw up. 

Oh, and did I mention the 500 meter rowing race at the end?  I lost.  Chris beat me by 100 meters, but I kept going til I hit 500.  It’s trying that counts, right?

We ended with some stretching which really involved me falling onto the floor and watching Kirs and Chris stretch.  My arms and legs were shaking, so I just stretched on the floor and prayed that I didn’t vomit. 

Here we are post workout, nice and sweaty:

Oh, and our beast trainer and her ridiculous biceps. 

We are so so so lucky to have a friend like Kirsten in our lives who not only loves being healthy herself, but who enjoys helping others be healthy.  Kirs, we owe you!

I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and feel like I can’t move because my body hurts so bad.  That was the goal and I’m fairly certain it’s going to be reached because my thighs already hurt.

We’re going to work out with Kirsten twice a week and integrate cardio and a strength training class into our workouts as well.  On Sundays, we shal rest.  We’re so lucky to have such great resources and be able to cheer each other on and have a motivating friend.  Conclusion of the workout?  High fives all around.  Awesome.


One thought on “Work Out til you Pass Out

  1. Last night was a blast! You guys were seriously awesome guinea pigs and worked your butts off. Can’t wait until our next sesh!

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