Pros & Cons

This weekend was filled with a lot of things and we were super productive.  Instead of telling a story, I figured I would just list the pros and cons of the weekend to sum up.  I’ll start with the cons since it’s better to end with positivity.

The Icky Cons

  • I lost my keys!  I somehow made it home from work on Friday and between parking my car on Friday night and heading out to run errands on Saturday morning, they were gone.  We’ve looked everywhere in the house, retraced my steps, searched in the trash (and other unlikely places) and they are nowhere to be found.   I might be more bummed that I lost my little bumble bee coach keychain more than anything!  I loved that the bee was like a play on my last name starting with a B (Bee/B, get it?), not that it’s really going to matter come October.  Sad, I’m going to miss that little guy.  Oh, and I’ll have to shell out a few hundred bucks for a new effing car key.  Grrrrrrrrrreat.
  • Our photographer canceled our meeting today at the last minute due to a family emergency.  We were really looking forward to confirming and booking our photographer, but if there is an emergency, there is an emergency.  Second weekend in a row we’ve been canceled on!  Last weekend it was the cake, this weekend it was pictures.  It will all work out though, we’re optimistic.
  • It’s a zillion degrees outside.  Literally, walking from Target to the car was like taking steps on the surface of the sun.
  • We’re starting to hate the state of Maryland.  On Saturday, we drove 160 miles round trip just to do a cake tasting.  These day trips are getting old.  Thank god the major details of the wedding are almost complete.

On to the positives!  Yessssssssss!

  • We selected our cake!  For those who care (we were totally excited about this part and quickly learned it’s like a science experiment, mixing and matching cakes and fillings), we went with a 3-tier cake full of three unique flavors.  Our bottom layer is your basic vanilla/vanilla (still deeeeeelicious), then for the second layer we went with a slightly more adventurous red velvet, and for the top, we went way to left field and got lemon cake with key lime filling.  So freaking amazing.
  • Bought all of our bridal party gifts!  Love everything we got, just hope the bridal party loves it too.
  • Cleaned the house.  Boring, but good.
  • Went to my old boss Lori’s baby shower!  It was so great to reunite with the old Hyatt girls for a Saturday night of girl time.  Lori is glowing and I can’t wait to meet their new addition.  They’re waiting to find out what gender the baby is, so come next month when it’s born, it should be extra exciting.
  • We started working on our ceremony and the music for the prelude, procession, etc…I’m listing this under positives because it’s fun and romantic, but holy crap, it’s also really challenging!  This is our ceremony we’re talking about!  Eeek!

I’m hoping that this week goes by quickly.  We’re heading to Ocean City on Friday for some much needed relaxation and non wedding related stuff.  I can’t wait to just enjoy some quiet time on the beach with a good book.

Tomorrow we’ll have been engaged for a month and we already have 90% of the wedding complete.  Time is flying!


2 thoughts on “Pros & Cons

  1. Wow! I can’t believe it has already been a month!

    You guys deserve a nice, relaxing weekend at the beach ENJOY!!

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