The list goes on…

The productivity continues.  I can’t believe how quickly we’ve knocked out this wedding; we are seriously kicking it’s ass. 

Last weekend we booked our DJ and were supposed to have our cake tasting, but the bakery canceled at the last minute due to a family emergency, so we’ve rescheduled that for this weekend.  I’m excited for our DJ – he has really good energy and seems to be on the same page we’re on in regards to our style, wants & needs.  Hopefully the cake tasting goes well and we can cross that off the list.

On Sunday last week, we went to Chris’ sisters house for a brainstorming session for the fine details like the guestbook, seating chart, favors, etc… She’s so creative that we were able to get a lot done (favors ordered, ideas in the works for other things), so that was fun.  It was also just good hanging out at their house and just…hanging out.

4th of July was a bust.  We were supposed to have a BBQ at the house, but it freaking rained and to make matters worse, we setup directly behind a stupid tree so when the fireworks began, we could literally only see the tip top of the highest ones.  Noted for next year.  Also noted, Hunter hates effing fireworks and will freak out when they go off.  Additionally noted, we have asshole neighbors who light fireworks until midnight.  Ew.

We met our officiant last night and we love him.  Can I tell you how relieved I am about this?  An officiant is just slightly improtant to the wedding, so I’m excited that both Chris and I like him, especially since we come from very different religious backgrounds.  Hooray.

I also won a “mini photo session” through liking a photographer on facebook, so I’m excited to hear what that entails.  Here’s to hoping we can snap some good pictures as a “mini engagement session.” 

I’m really tired.  Is it bedtime yet?


One thought on “The list goes on…

  1. I have wind blown hair after reading this… gawd! Talk about your power-turbo-propped super whirlwind planning! You crush that wedding!

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