Book It!

We did one of the best things our lives last night:  We booked our honeymoon!!! 

We knew that if we didn’t go right away, we’d be that couple that never goes, so the honeymoon was a big priority for us.  Because we’re getting married in October (hello hurricane season), we decided to skip the eastern caribbean and go south to Curacao!   We’ll be staying at the Hyatt Curacao Resort and Spa, and I can not wait!


We’re leaving Satutrday morning after the wedding at 7am (I always said I wouldn’t fly out early the morning after the wedding, but we want to maximize our vacation time) and will get to Curacao around 2:30 that afternoon after a connection in Miami.  We’ll be there for six glorious nights and I’m super excited. 

We also booked our wedding night hotel room, so that’s another thing to cross of the list.  We really want to have a real “departure” after the reception, so we made the decision to leave the venue area all together and spend the night near DC.  Smart decision, especially since our flight leaves at 7am.  We found an amazing deal through and were able to book our hotel at the Ritz Carlton Pentagon City for a fraction of the normal rate.  So excited.

Is it October yet?!


2 thoughts on “Book It!

  1. Looks amazing! You guys are going to have a wonderful time. Probably won’t be getting any sleep though. ;)

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