Fun + Happy

Hooray weekend!  Can I just run down all of the stuff that Chris and I have completed in the two weeks that we’ve been engaged?

– I bought my wedding dress

–  We chose our bridal party

–  We selected a venue

–  We selected a date

–  We selected a photographer

–  We created our menu

–  We finished our guest list

–  We registered

We are insane!

A lot of people have asked why we’re moving so quickly after just getting engaged, and while I don’t feel that I have to necessarily explain myself, I am comfortable sharing.

1.  We always said when we got engaged that we didn’t want a long engagement.  I am absolutely a person who can easily get distracted and confused and second guess my decisions (NO, not about Chris – about small stuff…like my dress, and colors, and gifts, and menu and I could go on and on).  The shorter amount of time I have to decide between stuff, the better.  Not to mention the less amount of time being stressed, the better!

2.  My cousin is going overseas in Jan/Feb, and we’d really like him to be at the wedding. He won’t be back until 2013, so it makes more sense to get married this year while we have the chance for him to attend.

3.  Tax break!!!

Everyone is different, you know?  Chris has been super involved (I now call him Groomzilla, though there’s nothing “zilla” about him, he’s just awesome), and that has made it fun.  It’s fun to make decisions together and not feel like it’s just MY wedding.  It absolutely feels like OUR wedding, as it should.

I’m super psyched for this weekend.  My BFF is in town from Texas, so we, along with two of my bridesmaids, Kirsten & Lindsay are going to look at flowers for the bridal party tomorrow and then we’re going bridesmaid dress shopping!  I’m really excited to see the color I think I like in person.  Saturday afternoon we are going to this BBQ fest thing downtown and then on Sunday, we’re having our engagement party!!

I am soooooooooo excited for the engagement party!!  It will be so fun to have our good friends and family hanging out and for most of them to meet for the first time.  I can not wait!

Hopefully we’ll take a lot of pictures this weekend – it should be funnnnnn.

Happy times!!!


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