Comparison Trap

I read a lot of blogs on a regular basis, but one that I really like is Peanut Butter Fingers.  The blogger writes about everything from working out, eating healthy, creating interesting meals, her dog, her husband, and leaving her full-time job to blog permanently.

I was doing some catch up reading when I stumbled upon this post about the “comparison trap.”  (Click the link before you read anymore of this post, otherwise you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about!!)

I find myself doing a lot of what she blogs about in regards to comparing myself and my life to other people, and it was great to get a positive perspective.  While I don’t obsess over my life versus other peoples’ lives, there are certainly moments of insecurity that I experience.  (Don’t we all?)  I get so hung up on being overweight and not being able to find super cute, trendy and affordable clothes in my size.  Most stores focus on the “average” customer, making shopping nearly impossible or just a miserable experience for me.  It’s hard to feel good about yourself when you’re surrounded by mumus and bedazzled t-shirts made for a 70 year-old.  What’s cute on my size 6 friend is 99% of the time not flattering on me.  Instead of wishing I were them, I need to get in the mindset of embracing who I am and making the best with what I’ve got.  I think when it comes to this whole notion of the comparison trap, that’s where I get caught up the most in my comparing myself to others.

I think that we as women tend to over analyze things regardless of the situation, so I think this entire subject is especially important for women to really learn from.   Stop thinking everyone else’s life is so much greater than yours.

Just my two cents.


One thought on “Comparison Trap

  1. Wow. Ms Peanut Butter Fingers is such an insightful person! That blog really hit home. I think she wrote about something that we all are guilty of… even those super skinny people, with perfect lives look at others with the same way. The grass always seems greener on the other side. She put it down on ‘paper’ perfectly. Perfectly stated. Thank you SO much for sharing that with your readers. I emailed it to a couple people at work. Its great. L O V E em :D

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