Day One – Hooray!

First day at the new job was great!  Could it have gone any better?  Nope!  Honestly, I’ve never had such a wonderful first day at a new job.  It’s a great feeling.

We had orientation all day which was good because I learned a lot.  While it was a lot of information to process, the value and culture are so exciting that it’s contagious.  It’s everything that I’ve been looking for and it makes me really happy.

The job itself and the department remind me a lot of my time at Hyatt.  I loved my role at Hyatt and making the decision to leave over a year ago was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done professionally. If I could have picked up the hotel and people and moved it closer to my house, I would have.  This role and everything that goes with it reminds me so much of Hyatt, which ultimately is a delight.

I couldn’t have asked for a better first day.  Hooray!

I’m hoping this week will go by quickly because we have lots to look forward to.  I’m anxious to dive into my new role and learn, but we also have some fun activities planned this weekend!

Friday, Third Eye Blind is playing the Fairfax Fair, so I’m super psyched about that.  I haven’t seen them live since……2005?  Whenever it was, it was entirely too long ago, so I can’t wait.  Saturday, we’re doing “date day,” and it’s Chris’ turn since I did lunch & a movie this past weekend (ew, I’m so boring).  He’s so much more creative than me.  While I pick cliche dates like dinner & a movie or putt putt, he takes me to the Cherry Blossoms, or  like his date for this weekend:  The Zoo and lunch!

I’ve only been to the National Zoo once and it was when I first moved here when I was 15, so I don’t remember much.  I just remember it was like 110 degrees and I wanted to melt, but luckily it’s only supposed to be in the low 80’s this weekend.  I think I’m mostly looking forward to seeing the giraffes, elephants, tigers and lions.   I think it will be fun, as long as no birds attack me.  Haha.  I really need to think more about my dates that I plan because I’m really slacking.

Hope you’re off to the start of a great week!



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