Summer Begins

I know summer doesn’t officially begin for another month, but in my world, summer begins Memorial Day Weekend!  On Friday, we left for the beach around 7pm and actually arrived by 10pm.  We expected to hit crazy traffic, but there was no traffic at all – a Memorial Day miracle!  It was nice to get there and have some time to hang instead of going right to bed. Waking up at the beach is the best.  The windows are open and the salt air fills the house and you get a breeze that you can’t find anywhere else.

We woke up on Saturday morning and Debra and I made breakfast for the fam.  Scrambled eggs, scrapple, turkey sausage and english muffins.  After breakfast, Chris and I hit the beach while our moms went to the new casino and Chris’ dad hung out at the house.  Since I’m still recovering from my stupid surgery & infection, we had to take it super easy, so a relaxed day on the beach was perfect.  It was nice to just park it in the sand, soak up some sun and just talk for 3 hours.

Setting up our spot.


OC Beach. <3

It was a pretty warm day, but it definitely wasn’t July/August weather.  After two hours in the sun, I thought I’d test the water out by dipping my toes into the Atlantic to cool off a bit, and boy did I ever.  That water was effing freezing!  It was like the Arctic Ocean I tell you!  If I’d kept my feet in for 10 seconds longer, I swear I would have gotten hypothermia!  There were a few people brave enough to actually get all the way in and swim around and they were bananas.  That shit was cold!  Chris said it will take about two more weeks for it to really warm up and be comfortable, and that works out well for me.  I can’t get in all the way yet because if I got knocked over by a way (I would) that would be really bad for my recovery, and also, I’m still traumatized from being swallowed by multiple waves last summer.  I’ll take all the extra time I can get.  I’m such a wimp.

After a lazy day in the sand, we headed back to the house to clean up and get ready for dinner.  Being on the shore you have to have crabs, so we headed to the Crab Bag for all you can eat crabs.

Crushing crabs.

Fun fact:  I don’t participate in the crushing of the crabs.  I’m lazy and order a crabcake.  I feel like unless you’re raised on it, it’s a difficult thing to learn, and honestly, it would probably take me four hours just to eat two crabs.  Since crushing crabs takes forever, I came up with naming them as people ate them last year as a way to keep myself entertained.  This year, I wrote them down.  Hahahaha.

Three hours later, we headed home to relax for a little while.  Chris’ mom bought a 1,000 piece Lego set of Yoda from Star Wars and put us to work.  Well, she really put Chris to work since he’s a genius at assembling those things.  What started off last night went into today and by 10am, we had a completed Yoda.  It was a collaborative effort, but Chris absolutely did the most difficult job.  It turned out great.

Saturday night, we went down to the Boardwalk to do some people watching and to get my mom some famous Dolly’s popcorn.  It was nice to get out and enjoy the breeze and walk around a bit, even though I’m still having some discomfort.  We usually only go to the boardwalk once during the year and then we stay north the rest of our trips, so I think this was probably our first and last trip of the season.  It was fun, nevertheless.

Boardwalk stroll.

Today after we finished Yoda, we had some lunch and then just took it easy.  We originally planned to leave at 5, but decided to leave home a little earlier just to get home and settled and relax a little bit.  Usually we’d stay until tomorrow, but we have an exciting event to attend in the morning!

We were invited to attend the wreath laying at Arlington National Cemetery, so we’ll be going to that first thing tomorrow!  President and Mrs. Obama will be there, and we’ll actually be in a box, so it should be fairly cool.  Hopefully I’ll have some neat pictures to post tomorrow.  It’s a real honor to attend such a ceremony, and while it will be somber, it’s a great way to celebrate Memorial Day and to pay tribute to all of our soldiers and veterans.

Happy holiday weekend!


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