Minor Complications

Do you ever want to just bitch slap yourself for decisions you make?  I’m at that point, because I’ve somehow ended up with an infection at the incision site where they removed my gallbladder.  Is it my fault because I left the house this weekend?  The doctors encouraged me to get out and do stuff!  Is it my fault because I wore jeans and they could have agitated the area?   Or is it just a result of having surgery –  just a possible complication that is no fault of mine?  Either way, it sucks.

I went to the doctor this morning because the pain I’m  having is only getting worse and there are other tell tale signs of infection.  I got a stern talking to by my doctor and told to rest and take it easy.  Timing is no good because I’m on the verge of leaving my current job and am trying to get things wrapped up, but it’s out of my control, and luckily I can work from home.

Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in, the pain will stop, and life will resume to normal sooner than later.


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