Weekend Wrapup + More

Don’t you hate it when you wait on something and then totally miss the boat?  Well, a few weeks ago, I posted about a dress I had in mind to wear for a special event in a few weeks, and today I went to find it.  Well, it turns out, the dress is gone.  It’s not in the store and it’s even vanished online.  Booooooooooo!  I debated searching for something else, but I’ve decided to re-wear my favorite little black dress and dress it up with some red accessories.  It should do the trick just fine.

After mega failing on the dress shopping, I ended up spending the day with Chris’ mom.  We had lunch, we went shopping and we had some good bonding time.  She had heard of this sports card/lego show in Tysons, so we drove out there to see if we could find anything good for her collection while the guys stayed home.  We got Chris some Capitals stuff (cause obviously he needs more), and we even got him a Bryce Harper rookie baseball card (hopefully it will be crazy valuable one day).  After that, we headed over to the mall so Debra could go to the Lego store to get her Lego fix.  While she headed there, I stopped in Macy’s and got Chris some much-needed shorts for the summer and then beat feet when Debra called and said she needed me.

Lego has a new series called “Mini Figures” which Debra is totally into.  They come in little tiny packages and aren’t labeled.  It’s the luck of the draw of what figure you get, but, Debra found out how to determine what is in each package.  They all have a little dimple pattern on the bottom of the package that is unique for each character, so, that’s how you can see what you’re getting.  However, it’s almost impossible to see the imprint, so we had to dig through hundreds to find the ones she wanted.  I swear we looked like a couple of lunatics as we put them in the air using the glare of the light to see the dimples on the plastic, but it was hilarious and a great memory.  When all was said in done, we had 17 packages to take home and when we opened them, we had 12 new ones and only 5 duplicates.  Not too bad if I don’t say so myself!  With the duplicates, I came home with a samurai, sumo wrestler, boom box boy and hula girl.  I can’t wait to put them on my desk, I think they’re so fun and cute.

Tomorrow is my first day back at work in a week since having surgery and  I’m a little nervous.  While I’m obviously doing better, it’s going to be a challenge because I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still have pain.  I do really well in the mornings, but about halfway through the day, the pain definitely starts to kick in, so we’ll see how I do.  My biggest concern is sitting for 8 straight hours just because I’m much more comfortable standing or laying flat.  I’ll do my best – we’ll see how it goes!

The next few weeks should be fairly exciting for us and I’m really looking forward to it.  Memorial Day is next weekend which means BEACH!!!!!  We’ll be heading to Ocean City on Friday evening and we’ll stay until Sunday evening.  We would normally stay until Monday with it being a holiday, but we were invited to the wreath laying at Arlington on Monday, so we’re going to do that instead of staying in OC.  I’m excited for that because it’s a privilege to be invited!  The following week is my uncle Mike’s change of command which I’m super psyched for, and then the next weekend, Third Eye Blind is playing the Fairfax Fair!  Exciting stuff!

Happy times!

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