FUN day!!

We were supposed to have a little date afternoon, but we had to modify our plans slightly.  The original plan was to have lunch at Panera Bread and then go see the movie Bridesmaids, howeverrrrrr after lunch, I was having pain from my surgery, so we didn’t think it was best for me to be sitting in a movie theater for two hours.  I’ve been living in loose sweat pants for a week and my jeans were just totally irritating the 4 incisions on my tummy.  Sitting is just especially painful.  Total bummer because I really want to see the movie.  Depending on how I feel, we may try to hit the movies tomorrow afternoon.

I was up for some walking around and some shopping though, so we headed over to Tysons to use up some gift cards we’ve had since Christmas.

I had a Bath and Body Works gift card, so I got this deliciously summery perfume called “Forever Sunshine” as well as “Carried Away” bubble bath.  I’m especially excited about the perfume because it’s light and perfect for the season.  I love a new scent!

Old Navy was having a sale on flip flops ($1 each!!), so I got a pair of pink flips to go along with the white and pink swirly tank and white cropped cardigan  that I got which I plan on pairing with my dark denim capris.  I fell in love with the green dress above, but it only came in a tall which was about 4 inches too long, so I left the store without.  Sad.  I did order a black maxi dress from Old Navy, so maybe that will fill the void.  I’m still on the fence about whether I want to order the green dream or not.

Next we hit up Macy’s where I found that pretty blue and black maxi dress in the picture above on clearance!  I plan on wearing it with a black shrug which I already have and some black sparkly flip flops.  I’m all about maxi dresses for the summer, especially at the beach!

I couldn’t find a picture of it, but I also found a really cute black and white maxi dress at TJ Maxx which I also can’t wait to break out.  Perfect with the white or black cardigan or a denim jacket.

We also made our way to the LEGO store which was SO fun!  Growing up, we both played with Lego’s, so it was fun to see what the stores sell these days.  They actually have a new “architecture” series which allow you to construct  famous buildings/landmarks, and of course we instantly wanted to buy the White House when we saw it, but not for the $50 price tag.

Instead, we got a Star Wars set (Luke’s Landspeeder) because:

a) It’s fun

b) It came with my requirements:  R2D2 and C3PO

c) It will be neat to show our kids one day

d) It was half the cost of the White House

I’m not even a Star Wars fan (I’ve never seen any of the movies the entire way through), but I still think it’s kind of cool.  I’m looking forward to putting it together.

After all of that, I was able to convince Chris to go have sushi with me.  I’ve been asking him for as long as we’ve been dating to try sushi with me, but he’s always refused.  His experience was California Rolls like 10 years ago (I’m not that adventurous, but still), so I’ve always wanted to do this with him.  So, today was the day, and I think he enjoyed it.

Tonight we’re relaxing and just enjoying a quiet Saturday evening at home.  We’ve got the NASCAR All Star Race on TV, and I’m looking forward to SNL tonight with Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga.  I’m really hoping Timberlake does one of his “Bring it on to ____Ville” sketches and I really hope that Jimmy Fallon stops by so that they can do the Barry Gibb Talk Show.

After a week at home recovering, it was a fantastic Saturday with my love.


2 thoughts on “Fantastic!

  1. Nat, I love your blog! This was a great entry especially, I’m running to Old Navy ASAP! And Bath & Body Works, I need a new scent, since I’ve been wearing Clinique Happy since the beginning of time. :) XO

  2. Just want to point out that it is actually C3PO. :) I hope you will post a picture of your hovercraft when you complete it. And you should TOTALLY build this while watching Return of the Jedi. It’s my favorite one.

    Glad you had a good day! I’m jealous of all your shopping. I cannot wait to actually be able to try on clothes that are not maternity wear. And I’m jealous of the sushi!! Only a few more days and Matt will be sent out for a whole plate of it for me. I give Chris props for trying that raw salmon. Sushi is the best!

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