Makes me laugh

Favorite outtakes of this week:

JZ:  Oh muh gawd.  I had to call you to tell you this story because it’s just too good to tell on IM.

NB:  Uhhh, ok.

JZ:  Last night, my trainer is tells me how when he was 12 years old, he and his family went to Disney World and a pelican landed on his mom, stole her churro, jumped down and ate it in front of her.

NB:  Oh. My. God.

JZ:  I was dying because then I got to tell him how you got chased by a swan and how we got attacked by the flock of seagulls in LA.  I knew you would appreciate this story!!

NB:  Did I tell you I encountered real live swans in a hotel lobby the other day?!

JZ:  YES, so gross!

NB:  That story is amazing and disgusting.  Stupid birds.


NB:  “I need to figure out how to do do this report.”

KC:  “I need to figure out my life.”


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