Family Gathering

Chris and I had both of our families over this weekend to celebrate our house and I think it was a success!  Almost all of our family and extended family were able to make it, so it was great to have everyone under one roof.  We grilled burgers and hot dogs on the new grill, enjoyed the weather and the company.  What more can you ask for on a Saturday afternoon?

Our families were also nice enough to give us some gifts.  We got some gift cards to Home Depot as well as some Visa.AMEX gift cards, so those will go towards great things.  We’re thinking light fixtures and bedding at this point, but we’re going to try to think carefully before spending it all.

My Aunt Brenda and Uncle Mike got us fresh basil and rosemary along with a beautiful planter from Mexico.  I was so excited that we went to Home Depot (where else) this morning so I could get soil to plant it and put it in the kitchen window.

Before planting.

Freshly potted, including our new little friend, "Jerome the Gnome."

My grandmother also brought us a plant – a gorgeous hydrangea.  We bought a pretty yellow pot for that and planted it this morning.  Love it.

I’ve never been a natural when it comes to anything in relation to plants, but I really want to do well with these little guys and keep them alive.  I love the idea of being able to clip off a fresh piece of basil or rosemary while we’re cooking and I hope I don’t kill everything in a week.  Fingers crossed, okay?

Chris’ sister Lindsay and her husband Kevin got us these really cute and colorful stacked bowls.  We love the pop of color they provide and with as much as we’ve been cooking, they’re sure to come in handy on a regular basis.

My cousin, Tracy got us this really pretty rectangular plate in a pattern that I love.  It’s perfect for our coffee table and now holds a pretty blue candle.  She has such excellent taste.

Chris’ parents got us this super awesome package from Omaha Steaks that included every meat under the sun.  Steak, chicken, pork and fish as well as a few side dishes.  Such a treat, and everything looks so good!  We can’t wait to grill some of that up this week.

During the party, we broke into the growlers that my cousin Regan and her husband Jason gave us in North Carolina and they were a hit.  The beer went very quickly but it was super delicious and was enjoyed by all.  We’re excited to take our growlers to Vintage 50 to try some of their beers next.

Empty. Sad.

It was a really great weekend and I’m so glad that we were able to get everyone together.  And today is May, so hopefully the gloom and rain of April are behind us.

Happy, happy!


One thought on “Family Gathering

  1. I’m so glad that despite being at work all night on Friday you were able to enjoy your company on Saturday!!!
    Such BEAUTIFUL gifts!
    Ironically May is called May gray out here… June is June Gloom So while you guys get all the sunshine and beauty we start to get some over cast & rainy weather.

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