Flooring Adventures

Lessons I’ve learned from our adventures in flooring:

1.  Always consult your significant other before doing anything major to the house.

2.  HGTV makes home improvement look so much easier than it really is.

3.  Small projects can create mega headaches and turn into big messes.

Our floors are finally finished!  After six weeks of living on plywood and in a construction zone, it’s done!

Just for good measure, here are some pictures of the “during” process so y’all can see what fun times we had during construction.  Oh, and it didn’t take the professionals we hired six weeks to finish the floors – it took them two days. We’re (actually, I AM) the reason it took so long.  We attempted to fix the uneven floors ourselves, bought all kinds of supplies, and tried our best, but we lacked the supplies and time to do it right, so in came the professionals.  Truthfully, I’m really glad we had it done because they did a fantastic job.

The construction zone we created.

The pro's ripping up the uneven floor.

Hole in the floor! Ahhhhhh!

Uneven floor is fixed!

Putting down the 1/4 inch smooth plywood before laying the tile.

Starting to lay the tile.

Finished! Minus the installation of our new stove.

I’m so relieved.  It starting to feel much more like home.  Yay!


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