New favorite mid-morning snack!

Vanilla yogurt + apple cinnamon granola!

The yogurt is 80 calories with no fat, and the granola is 180 calories and 2.5g of fat for 1/3 cup.  Since my little yogurt cup is so small, I’d guess I got about tbsp of granola into my yogurt, which cuts the calories and fat by lots.  Seriously, it tastes like apple pie.


Nom, nom.


2 thoughts on “Yummy

  1. I just might have to give that a try. I stick with greek yogurt because it has so much protein, but I love a good mix-in. You should try Kashi GoLean Crunch – it is like a party in your mouth :-)

  2. I eat the greek yogurt for breakfast too and the brand Athenos it has lil honey, strawberry or blueberry that you mix into the yogurt… delicious! Where do you get your apple cinnamon granola? Is it a trader joes kind of thing or just the regular old grocery store?

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