The Best Things in Life…Aren’t Things

I love weekends like this.  Weekends filled with love, laughter, pretty things and happiness.  Chris was in charge of “date night” this week and he turned Saturday into “date morning.”

I really wanted to do the Cherry Blossoms this year, so we decided to get up at 6am on Saturday morning and make our way into the city to beat the busloads of people who were sure to show up by mid-morning.  We were at the Jefferson Memorial by 7:30 where we were greeted with gray skies, slight drizzle and hoards of professional photographers everywhere.

We walked leisurly around the entire Tidal Basin and didn’t get back to the car until almost noon.  The sun broke through the clouds around 9am, which gave for a wide variety of pretty pictures.

Cloudy skies, early morning.

Blossoms in the distance over the calm Potomac River.

Blue skies.

Beautiful Tidal Basin.

Jefferson across the river.


My favorite part of the day was when we were talking back to the car and Chris said to me, “that’s definitely in my top 10 of most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”  I love that we got to experience that together – makes me happy.

Saturday evening, I met up with my old friends and co-workers from Hyatt for dinner in Arlington and it was great to catch up with everyone.  We all agreed that we need to do it more often because it was really great to see everyone.  Thanks to Amy for remembering to bring a camera.  :-)

Today was filled with errands and getting ready for the week.  We’re really hoping to get our floors finished this week before we have friends come into town this weekend.  Positive thoughts and fingers crossed, everyone!

I tried a new recipe tonight and it was eh.  Pan seared garlic sirloin over white kidney beans with spinach salad.  The cut of meat was a little tough which was what made the meal “eh” for me.  You just saute the sirloin in olive oil and garlic and literally serve it over the white kidney beans (actually pretty tasty, I’d never had them).  It definitely wasn’t in my list of favorites and I’ll likely put that in the back of my recipe binder for now.

Tomorrow, I’ll make my very first attempt at cooking fish.  Dear god, wish me luck.


3 thoughts on “The Best Things in Life…Aren’t Things

  1. uuhhhmmmm.. seriously… your pics are off the hook.. ridic. So, when you get your first showing, who gets a guest pass… dont forget your redneck white boy in TX. Amazing reflection of your vibration. You are glowing.. like a GD celestial body.. RADIATING. It is something straight outta compton.. wait, I mean straight outta Narnia.. wait.. noooo… straight outta Gnatsville… way way.. beyond magical.

  2. You are such a fantastic photographer!!!! I love your pictures! The sirloin may have been “eh” but it looks pretty tasty. :D

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