Flooring Pains

I’m overwhelmed.

When we signed on the dotted line to buy this house, I had visions of everything coming together perfectly and quickly.  We moved into our apartment so flawlessly, how could it be any different?  Wow, was I wrong.

Don’t get me wrong – I love the house.  I just feel like I’m living in the middle of a work on progress, and hey, maybe I am.  I just can’t get the feeling of being so unsettled out of my system, and it’s starting to wear on me.

We have artwork piled against the wall waiting to be hung, we have a few boxes strewn about the house, the paint isn’t finished on the vaulted ceilings and we haven’t painted any of the bathrooms yet.  I know it won’t happen overnight, I’m just ready to complete one of these tasks.

But then…we have the kitchen floors.  On Saturday, we had a list of 3 flooring stores to check out as possibilities, as our floors need to be replaced asap.  The vinyl in the kitchen is peeling to where you can see the subflooring, so it’s a necessity, not really a luxury.

As we scoffed at the first 2 stores wanting $2,000 for linoleum, we made our way to Home Depot to find a beautiful ceramic tile on clearance.  We made a bit of an impulse decision and we bought not just the tiles themselves, but the mortar and grout to go with it.

Yay, tile!

We happily patted ourselves on the back for getting such a deal, huffed and puffed as we unloaded everything into the house, and then plopped down on the couch and just looked at each other.

Now what?

Neither of us has ever laid tile.  I sure as heck don’t know the first thing about anything to do with big DIY projects and I’m 95% sure I’d screw it up on tile #2.  Add to that the fact that our subflooring is warped in a small area, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.  If we don’t lay the tile on a flat surface, it will surely break.

I ripped up a small patch of the floor yesterday while Chris was at the Caps game because I wanted to see what was underneath.  In hindsight, that probably wasn’t the best idea because:

a) I have no idea what I’m looking for

b) A professional should have looked at it first

c) Just because you  have the tools to destroy things doesn’t mean you should actually destroy things

I totally destroyed the floor. Whoops.

Our friends recommended a guy who did some work on their house, so he’s going to stop by and check out the floor and give us some recommendations about what’s causing the warped floor, how to fix it, and maybe even give us an estimate on how much it would cost for him to install the tile.  I’m thinking if we can tackle the subflooring, maybe we just contract out the tiling in order to get it done quickly and correctly.

We’re open to tips, suggestions, referrals for outside help…honestly, any ideas/suggestions are 100% welcome!

It’s overwhelming, ya’ll.  I wish I could just blink and it be done.


3 thoughts on “Flooring Pains

  1. Hey girl, I know it seems like a lot right now, but definitely give yourself a break and maybe even try to see the adventure in all of it. This is a learning experience for both of you, and years down the road you and Chris will be reminiscing over a glass of wine about the torn up kitchen floor and all the steps it took to get it looking the way you wanted it. :)

  2. I second what Liz says! This is the fun part! hahaha.. for reals.. it is. Welcome to home ownership though. You are a good problem solver and you are gonna be able to use your talents in new ways now. :) Things that might help is A) Wine B) sub contractors C) your dad D) More Wine… Happy Dow down 300 day!

  3. Thankfully some friends have recommended people they’ve used, so I’m hopeful that we’ll find someone to help us install on a budget. I’m optimistic. :) Thanks for the positive comments!

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